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« Rzeczpospolita » Recommends us in its Law Offices Ranking 2011

Date of publication: vendredi 15 avril 2011

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« Rzeczpospolita » recommends us in its Law Offices Ranking 2011 – for the second time we were ranked second in the field of the bankruptcy and reorganisation law.

It was the 9th edition of the Law Offices Ranking of Rzeczpospolita. In the first part of the ranking, Rzeczpospolita compared law offices on the basis of the numbers of employed attorneys and legal advisers, and lawyers altogether. In the second part, Rzeczpospolita evaluated the quality of service which was based on the environmental opinion. Information was collected from the legal companies which participated in the ranking. Their task was to pick the best law office in a certain field of law.

Ranking Kancelarii Prawniczych 2011 (84.8 KiB)