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Our Law Office at the Ceremony of the Best Law Offices and Lawyers in Poland According to Forbes

Date de publication: jeudi 30 juin 2011

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Our law office at the ceremony of the best law offices and lawyers in Poland according to Forbes.

On the 29th of June Mr Marek Musioł and Mr Piotr Kozak participated in the ceremony at which Forbes magazine announced results of the ranking of the best law offices and lawyers in Poland and presented the annual Forbes report « Law for Entrepreneur ». The ceremony took place in the restaurant Belvedere at Łazienki Park.

About 100 lawyers – legal advisors and attorneys from the leading law offices participated in the event. The following representatives of the lawyers’ self-governing councils participated in the ceremony: Mr Andrzej Zwara – President of The Polish Bar Council, Mr Maciej Bobrowicz – President of The National Council of Legal Advisers, Rafał Fronczek – President of The National Council of Bailiffs and judge Antoni Górski – Chairman of the National Council of the Judiciary. Special guest of the event was the Minister of Justice – Krzysztof Kwiatkowski who was interviewed on the Forbes Couch by the Forbes’ editor-in-chief – Kazimierz Krupa.

Practitioners discussed problems and challenges of the lawyers’ environment. The main purpose of the discussion was to evaluate the market of legal services, availability of those services and condition of society’s and companies’ legal education on the basis of the gathered information about the actions performed by professional corporations and recent legislative initiatives.